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Servora Launches Enterprise Solutions for Small to Medium Sized Businesses  
October 12, 2006 06:37 PM

Walnut, CA – October 12, 2006 – Servora Inc., a leading provider of on-demand business solutions, launches Enterprise Solutions targeting small to medium sized businesses. Now, business entities can automate their whole business process with efficiency and convenience, in the meantime creating workplace synergy.

With Enterprise Solution’s extensive features and functions, Enterprise Solutions can simply replace a large portion of the IT department through the use of the internet. Servora offers Enterprise Solutions at $85 for the purpose of cutting IT costs for its customers, while taking them to the next level to help them achieve success.

By implementing Enterprise Solutions as a daily working tool, executives can view instant performance analysis ranging from leads, sales, workplace activities, inventory, and much more. Also, with accurate data and better visibility into sales, inventory, and marketing, executives can make decisions with more precision and confidence.

With Enterprise Solutions, detailed and accurate data flows across the organization of its users. Sales representatives can better manage leads, and avoid wasting time on dead leads. Inventory managers are able to view inventories and adjust accordingly when orders are shipped and received with real-time precision, marketing managers can set benchmark and measure marketing campaigns, customer service representatives can easily create a customer case and archive it into knowledge base. What’s more, Enterprise Solutions user’s customers and vendors can access customer and vendor portal to check on the details of their orders and shipping status.

“The ease of management that Enterprise Solutions brings is invaluable,” exclaimed a beta tester. “I can already vision my company be on the cutting edge of competition and growth.”

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