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Servora Knowledge Base: A Public Resource  
March 2, 2007 06:40 PM

Walnut, CA – March 2, 2007 – Servora Inc., a leading provider of on-demand business management solutions, decides to publicize its knowledge base. Visitors of Servora’s website can now access Servora’s knowledge base located at Support for reference on all types of questions.

Servora Knowledge Base originates from Servora’s customers. Most frequent questions regarding Servora, its services, its support, and its billing will be posted onto Servora’s knowledge base and accessible to all visitors to the Servora website.

Servora aims to dissolve all barriers that exist among Servora, its customers, and the public to create transparency in how Servora treats its customers. With Servora being a customer-oriented organization, this transparency will help regulate and monitor Servora from poor customer service and mistreatment of customers, while ensuring the ultimate standard of customer care and support.

“We want our customers to be more than just plain customers, we want them to be our partners,” claims a Servora Executive. “We want to give them the power to influence us, and to warn us if we go astray.”

Note: Servora and the Servora log are service-marks of Servora Inc.