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"Servora totally simplified my Ecommerce business. Now, I can do so many more things with the same amount of time!"

-Jackson Liu, Owner

Power Computer Supplies  [ Electronic Commerce / Internet Industry ]
Location: Montclair, CA
Software that wouldn't work: Peachtree, DSL Extreme
Situation: Power Computer Supplies lacked an integrated solution for their Ecommerce business, resulting in an inefficient busines process that was decreasing their profit margins.
Results: With the implementation of Servora's solutions, Power Computer Supplies now have full control over their website and a streamlined business process that increased their profit margins and improved their way of running their business.
The Challenge
  • Power Computer Supplies lacked an integrated solution for their Ecommerce business. Web orders were not streamlined into Peachtree, which forced them to expend much of their time to re-enter web orders into Peachtree.
  • Power Computer Supplies contracted an independent web developer for their pre-existing website. Any requests for website update were subject to the availability of their web developer. 
  • Whenever a new product was released, Power Computer Supplies had to wait days or even weeks for the web developer to upload the new product onto their pre-existing website.
The Solution
The Results
  • The order-fulfillment cycle was reduced by more than 20%.
  • Power Computer Supplies have retained full control over their website, allowing them frequently update their web contents and to create monthly promotions steadily to increase web orders.