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"Since using Servora, managing our inventory and keeping track of our sales have never been easier.”

- Jason Chen, General Manager

Akitio Inc.  [ Electronic Commerce / Internet Industry ]
Location: Santa Fe Springs
Software that wouldn't work: In-house IT Software, Sub-standard Ecommerce website, QuickBooks
Situation: Akitio wanted a system in place to help manage their inventory, Ecommerce website, and financials.
Results: Servora's solutions allowed them to consolidate all data and information resulting in an immediate increase in business workflow.
The Challenge
  • The current In-house IT software that Akitio used was not adequate to handle their inventory volumes.  
  • Akitio desperately wanted to replace their previous Ecommerce website so that it could be frequently updated, customized, and efficient.
  • The use of multiple software created a paper trail and compatibility issues that hampered day-to-day business activities.
The Solution
  • Servora’s Inventory Management solution allowed Akitio better precision and control over their inventory.
  • Servora's Ecommerce solution replaced their previous Ecommerce website and allowed them better control of their website.
  • Akitio streamlined their business workflow by eliminating their paper trail and the use of multiple software.
The Results
  • Accuracy and efficiency in Inventory Management both increased by 20%.
  • Akitio was able to replace their outdated Ecommerce website.
  • Servora Enterprise solutions allowed better management and control of their company.