Financial Accounting
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Simplifying Financial Accounting and Automating Bookkeeping

Servora's Financial Accounting can simplify your entire accounting and bookkeeping process.In addition to core accounting features such as general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable, Servora's Financial Accounting allows you to add an unlimited number of general ledger accounts to keep your books organized.Since Servora's Financial Accounting is integrated into your entire business process, your books will also be updated automatically when your sales orders and purchase orders are updated.All bookkeeping activities will be recorded in detail and subsequently archived, allowing you to easily review the details of each transaction so you can avoid unnecessary errors.

General Ledger
Servora's general ledger, with 15 pre-defined account charts, allows you to add an unlimited number of charts for more accounts and sub-accounts.This feature details and organizes your books.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts receivable gives you an overview of all your accounts receivable so that you can easily identify delinquent accounts.Because accounts receivable is integrated with Sales Order Fulfillment, your balance in accounts receivable will automatically be updated according to the status of your sales orders.

Accounts Payable
Accounts payable gives you an overview of all your accounts payable so that you can easily identify and pay off your bills while building stronger relationships with your vendors.Since accounts payable is integrated with Purchasing, your balance in accounts payable will automatically be updated according to the status of your purchase orders.

Automated Book Keeping
Since Servora's Accounting module is integrated with all other modules, the balances of your general ledger accounts will automatically update according to the activities within your Marketing, Products, Sales Order Fulfillment, Purchasing, Inventory, Shipping, and RMA.

Transactions Log
For each account in your general ledger, you can view the details of all the past transactions within that account.These details include the date, time, description, amount, user who conducted the transaction, and more.These detailed records allow you to easily identify any numerical discrepancies or other errors so your books are accurate at all times.

Journal Entries
Journal Entries allows you to manually adjust each of your accounts within your general ledger.This gives you the flexibility to make any immediate and necessary changes with ease.

Compliance Management
Changes in your financial records can only be made by users with authorized access to these records.These rules are usually governed by your administrator by using Internal Control.

Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation highlights any discrepancies between your bank statements and your general ledger accounts.This feature identifies errors so you can correct them with your banks or within your books.