Financial Management
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Gain Complete Control & Visibility into the Details of All Your Financial Data

Financials Management gives you the tools to simplify your day-to-day operations within your finance or accounting departments. Not only can you easily create credit memos, print checks, and manage your expenses, you can also drill down into each transaction to gain insight into your financial records. Financial Management will give you and your employees the tools and information needed to make faster and smarter decisions on a daily basis.

Detailed Visibility in Financial Records
For each account in your general ledger, you can drill down into the details of all the past transactions within that account. These details include the date, time, description, amount, user who conducted the transaction, and more. These detailed records allow you to easily identify any numerical discrepancies or errors so your books are accurate at all times.

Deposit Records
Deposit Records list all the manual deposits that are not recorded by the automated bookkeeping feature in Financial Accounting. Each deposit record gives you specific details such as the time, date, description, deposit account, and the user who recorded that deposit. These details aid you in reviewing all your past and present deposits with ease.

Credit Memo
Credit Memo allows you to return credit or cash to your customers. Primarily used for RMA, Credit Memo allows you to return company credit or issue a payment to your customers and streamline your RMA fulfillment process.

Check Management
Check Management helps you to manage all your outgoing company checks. Once a check is registered or printed, the appropriate general ledger account will be adjusted according to the check.

Check Printing
Check Printing allows you to print your own checks. This printing function is easily customizable to fit the size of your company checks. The system will record the time, date, and the user who printed the checks, which prevents you from repeatedly printing the same checks.

Expense Management
Since Servora's Financial Accounting allows you to set up an unlimited number of expense accounts, Expense Management provides a detailed list of all your expense accounts and each account's relevant balance. Each expense account can be drilled down for more details, allowing you to understand the specifics of your company's expenses.

Billing Management
Billing Management allows you to centrally manage all your paid and unpaid bills. For paid bills, you can easily drill down into their details to learn more about the bill's payment terms and the user who processed the bill. For unpaid bills, you can automatically generate a check to make a payment. You can even set Customized Reminders to help you pay your bills on time.