Financial Reporting & Analytics
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Gain Insight into Your Company's Financial Health

Financial Analytics & Reporting delivers real-time financial dashboards, financial analytics and reports, and financial statements such as income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow. With these analyses and reports, you will gain deeper insight into your company's financial health so you can quickly take action to improve your business performance. Also, these analyses and reports can all be generated instantly using real-time financial data, allowing you to closely monitor your company's financial health at all times.

Real-time Financial Dashboard
Real-time Financial Dashboard is a type of Real-Time Dashboards that provides real-time analytics on the financial health of your business. At any moment, you can monitor your sales revenue, your profitability, and other financial records, all in real-time.

Custom Financial Analysis & Reports
Custom Financial Analysis & Reports is a type of Reporting feature that allows you to easily generate custom financial reports within minutes. You can generate custom financial reports at any time using any data of your choice, allowing you to gain full control and deeper visibility into your financial records.

Financial Statements
With Financial Statements, you can instantly generate income statement, balance sheets, and statement of cash flow. Since all of your financial data are already stored within your Servora's Accounting system, these data can be readily used to generate these financial statements within minutes.