Contents Management
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Systemize Your Data for Easy Access & Retrieval

Servora Contents Management is a set of tools to help you organize your data for easy access and retrieval when using Servora Enterprise Solutions. With Contents Management, you can share documents, pictures, and other files across the entire organization. This provides a centralized location in where your files can be stored, accessed, and downloaded at any time. Content Management also helps you organize your data so that you can easily retrieve it for creating Sales Orders, updating your Website, generating Reports, and many other functions from your Servora Enterprise Solutions.

Content Folders
Content Folders allow you to organize your files into multiple folders. Keeping your files organized helps you locate your files faster and easier.

File Upload & Download
Multiple different file formats can be uploaded into your Servora Enterprise Solutions. Since a copy of the file will be stored into your system, the same file can be downloaded multiple times from all users that have access to the file.

File Search
The File Search function gives you the ability to search for a file according to its file name. This will help you locate your files faster and easier.

Download Log
Every time a user downloads a file, the system will create a log. The log indicates the time, date, and user who downloaded the file. This allows you to keep track of your employees who have accessed that data archive.

File Attachments
Files stored under your contents can be directly linked to your individual products under Products Management and downloadable on your Website.

Security Controls
Access to folders and files can be restricted (or permitted) to specific individuals based on name, job title, job sector, and etc.