Customer Center
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Providing 24/7 Customer Support to Your Customers

Your customers have 24/7 online access to check on the status of their Orders, RMA, and Cases via the Customer Center. They have the ability to file online cases to your Customer Service Department at any time in order to avoid the hold times on the phone. Customer Center increases your ability to better assist your customers, raising customer satisfaction and ultimately developing a loyal customer base. An added benefit is that the Customer Center can significantly reduce the workload for your Customer Service Department.

Online Case Filing
Your customers can file cases to your customer service representatives by utilizing the Online Case Forms at any time of day. The Case Forms are standardized forms where they can further elaborate on their issues or concerns.

Case Capture & Creation
Once an online case is created, the case will automatically be captured in Servora Enterprise Solutions. At the same time, a notification will be sent out alerting your Customer Service Department about that case and case details.

Case Tracking & History
Your customers can track the status of their case at any time. They also have the luxury of viewing all previously submitted cases along with its individual response from the Customer Service Department.

Order Tracking & History
Your customers have the ability to track the status and the processing stage of their orders. Your customers can also view the history of all previous orders and the information pertaining to those orders.

RMA Tracking & History
The status of any returned merchandise can be tracked by your customers when they use your Customer Center. Your customer can check to see if you have received the returned shipment and view the current processing stage of their return order. Your customers can also view the history of all their return orders and information pertaining to those orders.

Knowledge Base Access
Your customers can easily browse through your Knowledge Base to find the answers to their questions or concerns. The simple search function makes searching for answers via the Knowledge Base as simple as asking a customer service representative for answers.