Leads Management
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Capture More Leads & Generate More Sales

Leads Management helps your sales teams better organize and keep track of your sales leads. Once a lead is created or captured from your Website, the lead can be automatically or manually assigned to a sales representative. The sales representative can then create follow-up tasks and events to ensure future contact with the leads. In the case that your sales representative cannot handle the overwhelming number of leads, they can always delegate leads to their colleagues or easily refresh their memory by looking at the information stored in Servora Enterprise Solutions. In addition, your sales team can review and research a potential lead's interests before approaching him or her. Leads Management empowers your sales team by granting them the information to understand your prospects and generate more sales.

Lead Assignment
Leads can automatically be assigned so that distribution of leads is fair among the sales team. The Sales Manager also has the ability to manually assign leads to a specific salesperson helping delegate work and preventing your sales representatives from doing overlap work.

Online Lead Capture
Your Website visitors can fill in personal and/or business information with easy registration forms. Once the information is submitted it is instantly logged and will be displayed in Servora Enterprise Solutions under leads.

Lead Search
As the number of leads grow, locating a specific lead can be difficult with an inefficient system. Lead Search allows your sales rep or other users to search existing lead by using their name, phone, email, and address so that locating a lead will be fast and efficient.

Lead History Tracking
Lead History Tracking allows your sales representatives to view the lead source, description, and other interactions that this lead had with your company. It gives you a complete history for your sales representatives to better understand and better approach each lead.

One-Click Lead Conversion
Once a lead is sales-ready, One-Click Lead Conversion allows you to convert the status of a lead into that of a new customer. With the click of a mouse, this conversion eliminates data re-entry and prevents data entry errors.

Automatic Lead Routing
As new leads are created from your Website or from your other marketing campaigns, these leads will be routed into your leads management center. These leads can be evenly distributed to your sales representatives so workload can be equal and fair.

Security Controls
Security Controls sets the file access rules on whether sales representatives can share leads or customers information with other sales representatives. This prevents users from data misuse and prevents the leaking of your valuable information.

Lead Duplicate Verification
Occasionally, multiple copies of the same lead may exist in your system. Lead Duplicate Verification ensures that your system will only have one lead so that you will not have the same information in several different places.

Mass Email
Mass Email gives you a fast and cost efficient way to keep in touch with all of your existing leads. You can use it to email newsletters, events, or other related updates regarding your company.

Leads Activity Management
Leads Activity Management allows you to set tasks and events related to each individual lead. As you view the details of the specific lead, the related tasks and events will be displayed so you can view past interactions and future activities related to the specific lead.