Opportunities Management
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Track & Share Sales Information to Close Deals Faster

Opportunities Management allows your sales team to track and update the sales process of both prospective customers and existing customers. As the prospect or customer navigates through the sales process, the sales opportunity can be updated and shared across your sales team. This collaboration makes it possible to close more deals. Furthermore, you can view all sales opportunities simultaneously, ultimately giving you an in-depth perspective of your sales department.

Opportunity Tracking
Your opportunities can be shared across your sales team to promote collaboration. Once you update the status of a sales opportunity, your sales team can track that status in real-time so everyone can work together effectively and in a timely fashion.

Multiple Sales Processes
Multiple Sales Processes allows you to continuously customize your sales method to suit your unique sales process. This flexibility allows you to alter your sales process for future success.

Opportunities Activities Management
Opportunities Activities Management is a tool that your employees can use to update potential prospects and/or customers. Opportunities Activities Management also allows your sales team to easily share their information with one another. In addition, your employees can easily notify their colleagues of any changes in the status of their leads/customers. Your sales team can plan and prioritize which potential leads/customers to target and assist using Activities Management. This allows them to keep their work organized and properly attend to prospective customers.

Security Controls
Security Controls ensures you that not all of your company's users have the ability to view information pertaining to select prospects and/or customers. Even if a user has access to view that information, a user's interaction with that information can be limited based on their clearance level.