Case Management
Your Business, Automated.
A more efficient way to run your business

Categorize Customer Issues & Understand Customer Concerns

Case Management gives your customer service representatives the tools to fully understand customer concerns, categorize customer issues, and respond to their needs appropriately. Your customer service representatives can understand your customers on an in-depth level, and your customers will receive the appropriate attention to address their needs.

Case Capture & Creation
Customers have the option to file a case either from the Customer Center or from your Website. The case will then be captured and automatically displayed onto your Case Management system so your customer service representatives can start working on the case immediately.

Case Priorities
Each individual case can be classified into low, medium, or high priority so your customer service representatives can determine and react to the urgency of the case. Cases can be escalated so that senior level customer service representatives can pay immediate attention to the case.

Case Assignment
All incoming cases can be automatically and evenly distributed to all your customer service representatives. This will ensures that the customer service representatives will not have any overlapping or redundant work and that every customer service representative has an equal workload.

Automatic Case Updates
Whenever a customer service representative updates the status of a case, the update will automatically be reflected on your Website and Customer Center.

Auto Response Emails
At each point when a case is received, processed, and closed, the system automatically emails the customer with the update on that case. The solution to the customer case will also be emailed to the customer automatically.