Customer Center
Your Business, Automated.
A more efficient way to run your business

Providing 24/7 Online Support to Your Customers

Customer Center gives all your customers 24/7 online access to check on the status of their orders, RMA, and cases. Your customers can also file cases online to your customer service department at any time to avoid long holds on the phone. Not only will you increase customer satisfaction, the workload for your customer service department will likely be significantly reduced.

Online Case Filing
Your customers can file cases to your customer service reps using the Online Case Forms at any time. These Case Forms are standardized forms where your customers can specify their issues or concerns.

Case Capture & Creation
Once your customers file a case online, the case will automatically be displayed in your Servora Customer Support management. There will be an immediate notification when a new case has been created from the specific customer.

Case Tracking & History
Your customers can easily track and follow up on the status of their case. In addition, they can view all their previously submitted cases and responses from customer service.

Order Tracking & History
Your customers can track the status of all their orders and the current processing stage of which a current order is in. A history of all their previous orders will also be displayed.

RMA Tracking & History
Your customers can track the status of all their return orders. Specifically, they can check to see if you have received the return shipment or merely track the current processing stage for the return order. A history of all their return orders and order specifications will also be displayed.

Knowledge Base Access
Your customers can easily browse through your Knowledge Base to find immediate answers to their questions or concerns. The simple search function makes searching the Knowledge Base as simple as asking a customer service representative for answers.