Solutions Database
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Responding to Customer Issues with Efficiency & Accuracy

Solutions Database is a set of preset solution templates to answer customer inquiries. It allows customer service representatives to respond to customer cases with efficiency and accuracy. As a customer service representative encounters a new case, they can browse through the Solutions Database to select the appropriate response. All solutions are comprehensive and can be used to address any and all customer issues. The Solutions Database can easily be used by your customer service representatives and offer fast and accurate case responses which will increase customer satisfaction and work efficiency in your customer service department.

Solutions Review & Approval
Before a solution is entered in your Solutions Database a senior level customer service representative must approve the solution before it can be commonly used.

Case Closure Auto-Fill
When a case is closed, an email containing the solution that was used to resolve the customer's issue will automatically be sent to the customer and a record will be stored in Servora Enterprise Solutions. Customer service representatives can make additional modifications to the content if needed.

Adding New Solution Shortcut
When an immediate solution is absent in your Solutions Database, the ultimate resolution used to close the case can be added to the solutions database pending the approval of a senior level customer service representative.