Inventory Adjustments
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Automated Inventory Adjustments for Accurate Inventory Counts

Inventory Adjustments automatically regulate your inventory quantities according to Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Sales Orders. This automation eliminates the need to update your inventory every time an inventory item is added or removed from your inventory stock. Meanwhile, it gives you the most up-to-date inventory number at all times. Inventory Adjustments allows you to manually regulate or modify your inventory stock levels, thereby giving you flexibility in inventory control. Both manual and automatic adjustments will be logged into Servora Enterprise Solutions history, which allows you to view the history of each inventory item with precision.

Real-Time Inventory Adjustments
Inventory quantity automatically updates when a Purchase Order is received and when a Sales Order is shipped. As a result, you will always be viewing the most up-to-date inventory quantity on hand.

Inventory Adjustment Trail
A history of each individual inventory item can be displayed through Servora Enterprise Solutions. This inventory record provides complete details of how an inventory item is used, frequency of use, and the accuracy of your inventory quantity.

Manual Adjustments
Though inventory levels are automatically adjusted, the option to manually adjust the quantity for each inventory item is allowed and a log of this modification will be stored in Servora Enterprise Solutions.

Inventory Commitments
When a Sales Order is placed, stock levels will reflect the quantity of inventory items that were committed to the Sales Order. Inventory Commitments prevent taking on more sales orders than cannot be filled.