Campaigns Management
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Track & Manage Your Campaigns to Maximize your Campaign ROI

Campaigns Management allows you to track and manage your campaigns closely. Campaigns Management allows you to schedule the beginning and end date of your campaigns. You will also be able to set campaign benchmarks and calculate the campaign's Return On Investments (ROI). With this knowledge and insight, you will understand the effectiveness of each individual marketing campaign. As a result, you can make more informed decisions and create better marketing campaigns.

Campaign Scheduling
You can schedule the start and end date for each planned campaign. You can easily track the campaigns that have been planned, are in progress, or are completed.

Campaign ROI Tracking
Campaign ROI Tracking helps benchmark the success of each marketing campaign. This measurement helps you understand the rate of return, number of leads, and sales generation from each marketing campaign. This will allow you to make more discerning decisions on which campaigns to improve, abort, and/or continue.

Employee Edit Trail
When a marketing campaign is created or modified a history trail is automatically logged in Servora Enterprise Solutions. This allows you to keep track of the employees who are making adjustments and when the adjustments were made.