Email Marketing
Your Business, Automated.
A more efficient way to run your business

Generate & Nurture Leads to Increase Sales

Email Marketing provides the tools for you to mass email your leads, customers, and vendors. You can even specify your mass emails to customers according to their sales orders. This email marketing tool can be used for lead nurturing, promotions, newsletters, and company news updates. It will also help you maintain a close relationship with those that do business with you.

Bulk Email Marketing
You can easily send a number of emails to all your leads, customers, and vendors with a few clicks. This helps you keep in touch with those that do business with you, promoting a stronger relationship that can ultimately result in more sales, higher margins, and better collaboration.

Email Templates
Email Templates allows you to send saved customized email messages to your leads, customers, or vendors. These email messages can also be personalized with custom variables such as the person's name, footers, and other information within that email message. Each user is allowed to give a personal touch to all your email messages.

Email Themes
Each email template can have an HTML theme attached to it. It results in your readers viewing flashy designs rather than just plain text. Themes will also appeal to your readers on an emotional level and provide a unique experience.