Assembly Management
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Streamline Your Assembly Line

Servora Assembly Management streamlines your assembly line and helps you manage all your Work Orders in detail. When a work order is approved, it is placed into assembly and a worker is then assigned to begin the assembly. As the work order moves through different stages of assembly, the status of the work order will also be updated, which allows you to easily track the status of the work order. Assembly Management is in real-time, allowing you to physically track the work order on your assembly line. As a result, you gain real-time updates pertaining to your assembly line and can make immediate changes to the Bill of Materials (BOM) as necessary.

Work Order Routing
Once a work order is approved, the work order will automatically be routed into assembly where workers can start assembling the products immediately.

Serial Number Input
The serial numbers of each Bill of Material can be entered into Servora Enterprise Solutions when assembling finished products. This allows you to keep track of your assembly products to the greatest extent of detail.

Assembly Tracking
Assembly tracking gives you the ability to track the real-time progress of your assembly products. You can easily locate your products on the assembly line and make any immediate changes/modifications.

Worker Sign-In
Each worker can be required to sign-in to Servora Enterprise Solutions prior to assembly of the product. This allows you to easily monitor and evaluate individual assembly workers by their work productivity and quality.

Multiple Assembly Stages
The assembly stages of each business are unique. Multiple Assembly Stages allow you to define the stages of your assembly line, thus promoting flexibility and efficiency in assembling your products.

Inventory Commitment
Whenever an item is used for assembly, your inventory will automatically display the item being committed for assembling relative to its work order. This ensures that you will always have sufficient inventory items to meet your assembly obligations.