Work Orders Management
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Easily Organize & Track the Details of Each Work Order

Work Orders Management organizes the work load from the Productions Department so you can easily track and edit the details of each Work Order. When your customer places a Sales Order that requires assembly, a work order will automatically be created, allowing you to link the work order to the sales order. Once a work order is created and the Bill of Materials approved, the work order will then be assigned to a worker for assembly. After completion, the sales order will reflect its current status so the product can be shipped immediately. This organization reduces assembly errors and increases the efficiency of your assembly operations.

Sales Order Integration
If a product in a sales order requires assembly, work orders and assembly instructions will automatically be created when the sales order is placed. This streamlined process creates operational efficiency and ensures speedy delivery of your products to your customers.

Work Order Backtracking
The details of each work order will be linked to the original sales order. With the ability to backtrack to the original sales order you can avoid duplicate work and ensure work order accuracy.

Work Order Assignment
Work Order Assignment allows you to assign multiple personnel to a work order. The assigned workers will be notified of their assigned responsibility to allow maximum control and productivity from your workers.

Bill of Materials Approval
Before work orders reach actual production and assembly, the work order's bill of materials needs to be approved. Prior to approval, the bill of materials can be edited to allow product customization and flexibility when assembling the product.

Work Order Tracking
Work Order tracking gives you the ability to track the status and progress of each work order in real-time. This allows you to easily locate the work orders that need special attention or modifications.

Print Work Order
Once a work order is created, the work order can be printed and delivered to the assembly worker assigned for completion. This feature allows your workers to assemble the product without constantly logging into Servora Enterprise Solutions.

Work Orders Overview
Work Orders Overview provides a summary of all work orders for each assembly worker. This summary can be presented on the assembly line so your assembly workers can complete work orders based on their priority.