Activities Management
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"Share Your Tasks & Schedule to Increase Collaboration"

Activities Management is a tool that your employees can use to update and schedule tasks and duties. Activities Management also allows them to easily share these tasks and events across the work place. Your employees can be notified of their colleagues' daily schedule changes. This allows them to coordinate easier with one another so meetings can be scheduled and projects can be completed on time. Employees can also plan and prioritize their own tasks and events using the Activities Management. This allows them to keep their work organized and properly attend to tasks as needed.

Customized Reminders
You and your employees can create specific reminders using Servora Enterprise Solutions. These reminders will be displayed on their homepage once they have logged into their account. This will ensure that the employee immediately attend to that reminder and make sure that the task is completed.

Email Reminders
A reminder can also be sent via email notifying your employees of certain tasks and duties even if they do not login to their Servora Enterprise Solutions account. Email Reminders provides an additional way to notify your employees and helps ensure that no tasks will be forgotten.

Through Activities Management, Assignments allow you to delegate work and responsibilities to other employees. This helps ensure that the work will be completed on time.

Customized Schedule View
All Servora Enterprise Solutions users can customize their own schedule by displaying in daily, weekly, monthly, or in a list view. The customized schedule view allows them to better organize their schedule for both short and long term planning.

Dashboard Activities Display
Dashboard Activities Display serves as a reminder for your tasks and events. This display helps you on completing your daily tasks and plan ahead for long term projects.

Activity History
All past activities will automatically be logged into Servora Enterprise Solutions and will remain there unless deleted. Logged activities provide a history of past events and date of occurrence.

Activity Tracking
Activity Tracking allows you track the status of a task or event. The creator of the activity can update the status so your employees can easily find out whether an activity has begun, in progress, or completed. Activity Tracking helps keep your employees updated and notified at all times.

Reminders call your specific attention to tasks that require completion. These tasks include but are not limited to sales order approval, shipping approval, purchase request approval, and etc. Reminders assist you in your work productivity and completing deadlines.