Product Classification
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Organize & Classify Your Products for Easier Retrieval

Servora Product Classifications allow you to organize your products by departments, categories, groups, and matrixes. These classifications allow you to easily locate all your products because you can filter through thousands of products by selecting the classifications that you defined. This convenient product browsing feature can also be replicated on your Website for your existing customers and prospective customers allowing for easier navigation.

Departments are the broadest way of classifying your products. This is especially useful when you carry multiple sets of products that share no common similarities. This gives your website visitors the first level of separation when browsing your products.

Multi-Level Categories
After classifying your products into different departments, you can then classify each product into different categories. These categories will be displayed to your website visitors after they have selected the Departments that they wished to browse through.

Category Tree View
When your products are classified into multiple categories and/or sub-categories, the Category Tree View allows you and your website visitors to navigate through your product categories with ease. This organization method allows easy navigation through a diverse product line.

Products can also be further classified into Brands. Similar to Departments and Categories, Brands provide another way for your website visitors to browse through your products. This gives brand shoppers an efficient way to locate the products that they are looking for.

Matrix Items
If your products contain different variations such as size and color, Matrix Items allows you to define all your product variations. Your website visitors will see all the available variations and your Inventory will accurately display the inventory quantity for all product variations.

Product Grouping
If you have products that belong to multiple groups, Product Groupings allow you to easily assign each product into different groups. In addition, Product Groupings allow you and your website visitors to easily browse through your products by selecting product groups.