Purchasing Fulfillment
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Streamline Your Entire Purchasing Requisition Process

Purchasing Fulfillment streamlines your entire requisition process starting from the purchase order and ending with receipt of the purchased items. Once a purchase order is created, Servora Enterprise Solutions will route the purchase order to the appropriate individual and notify that person of the required fulfillment task. When the Purchase Order is authorized and approved, the status of the purchase order will automatically be updated and routed to the next person responsible for the next fulfillment task. All these fulfillment tasks are done within Purchasing Fulfillment so that you can eliminate multiple points of data entry to enjoy greater operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Print PO's
All Purchase Orders, regardless of their processing stage, can be printed for your records. These printouts will include details including a barcode that identifies the Purchase Order number, items purchased, quantity, and vendor information.

PO Approval Routing
As soon as a Purchase Order is created, the Purchase Order will be routed to the user responsible for authorizing and approving the purchase order. Only upon approval will the Purchase Order be processed to the next stage.

Automatic Email Notifications
Once a Purchase order is submitted, Servora Enterprise Solutions will automatically email the user an approval request for the new Purchase Order. Once the PO is approved, a purchase notification email can be sent to your vendor with a click of a button.

Automatic PO Routing
When a Purchase Order is approved, the Purchase Order and its details will automatically be routed to the Shipping/Receiving Department. The Shipping/Receiving Department will have the information to check for items and quantities needed to be received.

PO Status History
PO Status History displays a time stamp and the record of which user processed the Purchase Order. This helps you keep track of all details pertaining to the Purchase Orders on a micro-level helping to eliminate any errors.

Partial Receipt
Partial Receipt provides you the option for your Shipping/Receiving Department to receive partial or full shipments. This gives you the flexibility of receiving items from your vendors.

PO Activities Management
PO Activities Management allows you to view, track, and display the current status of the Purchase Order. Past Purchase Orders can be reviewed, current Purchase Orders can be tracked, and future Purchase Orders can be modified. One can easily set dates for future Purchase Orders and manage all current ones.

Real-Time Inventory Adjustments
Upon delivery of a purchased item, your Inventory level will automatically adjust according to the quantity received. This eliminates multiple points of data entry and increased the accuracy of your inventory level.