Vendor Center
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Collaborate with Your Vendors with a Vendor Self-Service Center

Vendor Center provides an online self-service center for your vendors to access certain information for them to work more intimately with you. Your vendors have the option to communicate with you electronically, share inventory information, and view your purchase history with them. This provides additional information to help them fulfill current and future purchase orders. Furthermore, you can improve your vendor relationship and boost collaboration at the same time.

Knowledge Base Access
When logged in Servora Enterprise Solutions via the Vendor Center, your vendors will have access to your Knowledge Base to search for solutions. Your Knowledge Base information will assist your vendors even when you are unavailable for contact.

Purchase Order Status & History
After logging in to the Vendor Center, your vendors can view a complete history of all past and existing Purchase Orders that have been submitted. Status and details pertaining to past, current, and future Purchase Orders will also be listed.

Inventory Level Display
You can choose to display your inventory level onto the Vendor Center. This gives you the option of allowing your vendors to make necessary preparations to supply you when you run low in inventory. As a result, this reduces the chance of back orders or delays in order-fulfillment.

Vendor Support
Vendor Support allows your vendors to contact you at any time, even during non-business hours. This vendor support system, along with Knowledge Base access, will enhance their business experience with you and improve your collaboration with your vendors.