Vendor Management
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Collaborate with Your Vendors in a Deeper Level

Vendor Management gives you the tools to easily collaborate with your vendors. As each purchase order is linked to the vendor, you can track all of your RMA products back to your vendor. You will gain a deeper understanding of the durability, quality, and pricing of their products. This data will assist you in choosing the right vendors for your organization.

Preferred Vendor
For each product in your company's inventory, a preferred vendor can be designated for that product. This simplifies your product purchasing decision and shortens your purchasing cycle.

Vendor Tracking for RMA
Each returned products will have a detailed history that also includes the vendor you purchased the product from. This information will assist you in choosing the vendors that sells the most reliable products.

Purchase Order Integration
When creating a PO, you can easily select the vendor that you wish to purchase from. With the vendor information already saved in Servora Enterprise Solutions, submitting the purchase order to the selected vendor will be efficient and accurate.

Vendor Contacts Management
Vendor Contacts Management allows you to store your vendors' information in Servora Enterprise Solutions. Their information can easily be pulled up for purchasing management, returned products tracking, and vendor collaboration.

Vendors Activities Management
Vendors Activity Management allows you to set tasks and events related to each individual vendor. As you view the details of the specific vendor, the related tasks and events will be displayed so you can view past interactions and future activities related to the specific vendor.

Auto Email Notifications
When vendor information is modified or a Purchase Request is submitted, you can easily notify your vendors regarding the update or purchase request via email. This will keep your vendors updated at all times and enhance their positive experience in doing business with you.

Employee Edit Trail
Any manual changes to your vendor information will automatically be logged in Servora Enterprise Solutions. This log includes a timestamp and a record of the user who made the modifications. This information will help assist you when any problems arise regarding vendor information.