Return Order Management
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Easily Track & Access all the Details of Your RMA Orders

Return Order Management allows you to easily track and access all the details of your return orders. You can track the real-time status of all your return orders and view all the details of their processing history. You can even track the returned product back to the Vendor that you purchased from. Additionally, your customers can visit your Website or Customer Center to track the status of their return order, thereby increasing overall customer satisfaction.

RMA Order Tracking
You can easily track all RMA orders from customer accounts, Sales Orders, by date, or by searching. You will always be viewing the real-time status of each RMA order to ensure all RMA orders are properly fulfilled to your customer's satisfaction.

RMA Receipt Tracking
RMA Receipt Tracking keeps track of all the RMA orders that require receiving shipment from the customer. It also keeps track of the item quantity that was received, details as to whether or not returned items were damaged from shipment, and other customizable data.

RMA Processing Trail
RMA Processing Trail gives you the details of the date, time, and employee who processed the RMA order. This trail will be helpful when certain problems regarding past RMA orders arise.

Customer Center Integration
Your customers can directly interact with your RMA department simply by logging into their account in your Customer Center. When logged in, they can create an RMA request, view the status of the RMA request and send messages to your Customer Support regarding the RMA order.