Order Placement
Your Business, Automated.
A more efficient way to run your business

Create detailed sales orders with less work

Order Placement allows users to place sales orders with simplicity and consistency. By simply selecting the Products and applying unique discounts, your Servora system will automatically do the rest of the work. You can even skip the order placement process for web orders because your Website will automatically route the web order to your system. Thus, you can enjoy greater efficiencies through automation, and your customers will appreciate a speedier order delivery.

Once an order has been placed, an invoice can be generated with a single click of the mouse because all relevant sales order information will already have been put into the system. The invoice is then ready to be printed or emailed to efficiently update your customer regarding their orders.

Back Orders
Back orders allow you to place sales orders even if you lack the actual products in your inventory. This gives you flexibility in sales while allowing you to expand your product line and revenue.

When calculating the total sales price, you can select from preset discounts or create a new discount. This allows for flexibility in designating discounts, efficiency in price computation, and pricing accuracy.

Inventory Level Protection
When you have no products in stock, Inventory Level Protection prevents you from placing a sales order for that product. Inventory Level Protection is used to ensure that you can fulfill your orders timely and accurately so as to meet your customer expectations.

Order Capture & Creation
Any sales orders placed on your Website will reflect onto your Servora system. You no longer need to re-enter data into different systems for order-processing, which increases efficiency in your overall operations.

Automatic Order Routing
When a department is done with its part in fulfilling a sales order, Automatic Order Routing automatically routes the sales order to the next department that is responsible for the next step in order fulfillment. This eliminates the paper trails for fulfilling an order and increases both efficiency and accuracy.

Customer Specific Pricing
If you give unique prices to various customers, Customer Specific Pricing saves the previous pricing you gave. You will always be giving consistent prices to your customers, avoiding customer confusion and increasing customer loyalty.

Sales Tax
Sales Tax automatically calculates the sales tax of your state and adds it to the total price of your sales order. This ensures efficiency in placing orders and accuracy in your prices.

Work Order Creation
If the sales order consists of goods that require assembly or manufacturing, a Work Order and its manufacturing specifications will be generated automatically. This eliminates the need to manually and separately generate a work order, which further increases your organization's operational efficiency.