End-to-End Integration
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Integrate Your Website with Management Solutions

Your Servora system and your website are integrated from end to end. An update on your Product's pricing in your Servora system will immediately reflect onto your website. Similarly, an Order placed on your website will immediately reflect onto your Servora system. This eliminates the need to manage your website and your administrative work on multiple platforms, which minimizes costly errors, data inconsistencies, and the time for data re-entry.

Products Management Integration
All your Product information can be displayed onto your website, whether it be price, images, discounts, quantity discounts, description, etc. This eliminates any need to reprogram your product data into your website, increases work efficiency, and lowers the risk of inconsistent data.

Orders Management Integration
All orders placed in your websites will automatically be routed into your back-end Servora system to be processed centrally by Order Fulfillment. This integration shortens your order-fulfillment cycle by eliminating the need to transfer or re-enter your web orders into your existing order-processing system.

Customers Management Integration
When your customer registers or places an order on your website, that customer information will automatically reflect onto your Servora System. This integration gives you more time by eliminating the need to transfer or re-enter data into your existing system. Also, you can gain a deeper understanding of your web customers since your customer data is managed centrally under your Servora system's CRM.

Support Management Integration
Your customers and web visitors can open support cases on your website. These support cases will automatically route to your Servora System where you process them with Supports Management. This integration saves you time by eliminating the need to transfer or re-enter data into your help-desk software while avoiding any errors that come with them.

Inventory Management Integration
Whether you operate a B2B or a B2C website, Inventory Management Integration gives you the option to list your inventory quantity onto your website and prevents order placement if you have limited inventory on hand. This integration helps prevent back-orders and may also give your customers the incentive to place orders before your inventory runs out.

Google Merchant Center
Servora's Ecommerce solution is fully integrated with Google Merchant Center to bring the maximum exposure of your products through Google. Your entire product list is uploaded to google merchant center for use in AdWords ads, Google Search, Google Product Search, and Google Commerce Search. It is fully synchronized with your most current product list, and any changes you made within Servora will also be submitted to Google instantly without manual editing.

Credit Card Fraud Protection
Whenever your web customers submit their credit card information for billing, their billing information will go through a validation process in real-time. Not only does this validation help notify your customers about data entry errors, it also protects you from fraudulent business transactions that may ultimately hurt your business.

PayPal Integration
If your customer pays by PayPal, PayPal Integration allows you to instantly collect your customer's payment with one click of the mouse. Once payment is collected, the order will move to the next processing stage instantly to promote efficient order fulfillment.

PayPal Website Payment Pro
Servora is integrated with paypal website payment pro, so you can use your paypal's merchant account directly in Servora to process all your sales orders in real-time.

Google Checkout
We have partnered with Google to provide you with a streamlined order processing solution using the popular google checkout. The integration with Servora's ERP solutions automates the web orders payment process, which increases operational efficiency and eliminates the need for manual order entry.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a great free service for measuring traffic for your websites, it also allows you to link to your google adwords account for detail tracking of traffic conversion rates. Servora is fully integrated with Google Analytics and setup only takes minutes to complete.

Allow visitors to share you products with most popular social networks available, including facebook, twitter, myspace, google plus and more. Servora is fully integrated with AddThis.com and setup only takes minutes to complete.

Document Publishing
Document Publishing allows you to attach user manuals, product specifications, etc. to each of your products' web page for download. Likewise, documents or images in your Contents Management page can also be published onto your website for download. Since all documents are centrally managed within your Servora System, you can avoid publishing different versions of the same document to avoid confusion among your employees, your customers, and your web visitors.