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Defining Your Online Strategy

For your business, a selection of three website versions is offered by Servora Enterprise Solutions. Each version caters to a specific need for your company. Whether it is an information website or a commercial website, Servora has the solution to satisfy those requirements. All three websites are directly linked to Servora Enterprise Solutions and any updates or changes made on the backend will immediately reflect on your website.

Informational Website
The purpose of an informational website is to promote basic information about the company. An informational website is most commonly used by companies that have no tangible products to offer. This website allows you to display the purpose of the company, locations, contacts, news, events, and other relevant information.

Catalog Website
The purpose of a catalog website is to provide information regarding the business, products and/or services that are offered at your company. A list of past, current, and future products can be displayed via a Catalog Website. In addition, your web visitors can self-register for an online account on your website. Their registration information will automatically be displayed onto your CRM solution without the need of transferring or re-entering data.

Ecommerce Website
An Ecommerce Website allows your web visitors to shop at your website. It is directly linked to Servora Enterprise Solutions through an End-to-End Integration, which gives you full control over your website and increases the efficiency of your business operations. At the same time, your web visitors and returning customers can review their orders, create support, and rate your products.