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Servora Releases Free Online Video Tutorials  
February 4, 2008 12:14 AM

Walnut, CA – Jan 24, 2008 – Servora Inc., a leading provider of on-demand business management solutions, releases free online video training to assist new users to swiftly and conveniently adopt Enterprise Solutions.

Most businesses are reluctant to change existing applications due to the resources required to retrain employees and the time required for them to proficiently use a newly implemented application. Servora's free online video training intends to minimize both resources and time to fully adopt Enterprise Solutions.

The online videos will fully cover the functions and features of Enterprise Solutions. Each business sector (tabs) of Enterprise Solutions will consist of several videos providing overview and details of the functions and features. (Total videos to be released are estimated to be more than 70, with each video not exceeding three minutes. Currently only overview videos have been published, the remaining videos will be available throughout the first half of 2008.)

Each Enterprise Solutions user can easily browse through all the available training videos and select the specific video they want to watch. All videos will be accessible through each tab’s introduction page, and through “Servora Support / Video Tutorials” within Enterprise Solutions.

Minimum system requirements for watching these videos require Adobe Flash Player 7 or higher and high speed internet to smoothly streamline the videos.

The training videos will also be open to free trial users. Servora believes that all users under free trials are entitled to the full version of Enterprise Solutions. When asked whether this decision may replace their custom training services, Servora replied that the absence of custom training is exactly what most customers wanted because it saves resources for them. Customers can still request for custom training.

Servora anticipates that these videos will ultimately enhance the user experience of Enterprise Solutions.

Note: Servora and the Servora logo are service-marks of Servora Inc.