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Sevora Offered Services

Consultation Services >>
Servora provides consultation services for better understanding of your company. Our consultation team will learn your business structure, management, and needs, and then work together with you to develop a strategic plan maximizing the productivity from using Servora Enterprise Solutions.

Data Management Services >>
Servora provides professional services for you to export your business data from existing applications and import them into Servora Enterprise Solutions.

Integration Services >>
Servora Enterprise Solutions is designed to be the single system necessary to fit the needs of your business. However, our technical staff will consult with you if you insist on using an application you are familiar with and integrate it with our Enterprise Solutions.

Training Services >>
Servora provides On-Site training for any number of users. Our training program will allow you to learn how to use Servora Enterprise Solutions quickly and efficiently.

Servora Support >>
Servora gives you the option of selecting one of the three levels of support that you think will best fit your business needs.