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Servora Business Management Solutions Overview

A Comprehensive Solution to Manage Your Business
Servora is a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business management solutions. Servora's business management solutions include Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Ecommerce Site Builder. These sets of solutions can be integrated into a single yet powerful business management solution: Servora Enterprise Solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate data re-entry and errors
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Lower IT and administrative costs
  • Gain instant visibility into your business

The Goal of Servora Enterprise Solutions
Servora realizes that by increasing the efficiency of your company's workflow, your overhead and administrative costs will reduce and profit margins will increase simultaneously. These are what Servora Enterprise Solutions seeks to achieve.

What can Servora Enterprise Solutions Do for You?
Servora Enterprise Solutions helps eliminate wasted time spent on organization, retrieval of information, and allows instant access of information whenever you need it. Our business solutions will allow your employees to focus and concentrate their time to perform their job duties without distractions. In addition, your organization will contain less man-made errors and experience higher levels of accuracy in your reports. Servora Enterprise Solutions achieves this feat by streamlining your company's data across different departments and eliminating the need of recurring data entry. Further, since Servora Enterprise Solutions is delivered to you over the internet via the SaaS model, your company does not need to invest in hardware or the personnel to maintain your company's information. As a result, the costs for managing and maintaining hardware and software are significantly reduced. Ultimately, this is the reason why our customers enjoy increased profitability and growth from an improved business operation workflow.

Whether you run a small or a mid-sized company, Servora provides a comprehensive system to run your business more efficiently.

Our Solutions:

Accounting >>
Servora Accounting gives you the tools to manage accounts receivable and accounts payable while automating your bookkeeping process.

Business Intelligence >>
Servora Business Intelligence provides an abundance of reports fit for your needs. Reports of any nature can be generated such as standard reports & five-step custom reports. There is also a real-time dashboard that generates analyses and forecasts future sales.

Contents Management & Security >>
Servora Content Management & Security guarantees around the clock security protection for your business. Security measures can be set and placed for file sharing, records storage, data backups, data encryption, and other sensitive materials.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) >>
Servora CRM gives your company the tools to increase revenue, qualify leads, nurture leads, and allow sales team collaboration, all the while making it possible for your company to close more deals.

Customer Support >>
Servora Customer Support aids your business in providing quality support for your customers in order to help strengthen business relationships.  This system allows access to customer self-service center, knowledge base, and allows you to have an improved response time.

Employee Management >>
Servora Employee Management provides simple internal control of your company. Delegation of responsibilities, assignment rules, information for selected user roles, file sharing rules and a complete detailed report of employee activity history.

Inventory Management >>
Servora Inventory Management offer immediate and accurate count of each individual product and inventory commitments. With real-time updates, you will have access to stock level control, preventing any future back-orders.

Marketing Management >>
Servora Marketing Management allows you to generate more leads, mass email, provide coupon & discount code redemption, and to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Productions Management >>
Servora Productions Management is a production planning solution used to manage manufacturing processes. These tools entails work order tracking, complete visibility of manufacturing process, easy editing & replacement of parts, and priority manufacturing scheduling.

Productivity Tools >>
Servora Productivity Tools assists in increasing employee productivity by having customizable organizational tools, tasks, and events reminders.

Products & Pricing >>
Servora Products & Pricing allows companies to easily group product, create matrix items, provide quantity discounts, allow product reviews, and helps customers understand your products.

Purchasing Fulfillment >>
Servora Purchasing Fulfillment supports vendor collaboration, inventory re-order points, and multiple vendor centers.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) >>
Servora Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is setup so that the process of return merchandise can be easily tracked and streamlining the entire process. As a result, errors are reduced and there will be accurate reporting of returned products report.

Sales Order Fulfillment >>
Servora Sales Order Fulfillment helps streamline your company's entire sales process. You enjoy the benefits of order tracking, departmental collaboration, and eliminating data re-entry which in turn reduces errors and increases efficiency.

Website & Ecommerce >>
Servora Website and Ecommerce engine features a unique modern style that makes your company stand out. Our back-end allows you to connect directly with your website and make immediate changes on content & artwork designs even across multiple websites platforms.