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Real-time Dashboards & Reporting at Your Fingertips

Servora Business Intelligence is a reporting tool that generates real-time reports and business intelligence that gives you insights about your company. Servora Real-Time Dashboards is connected directly to day-to-day activities within your company and provides real-time data. Using the data gathered, Performance Analyses can be generated instantly to display performances on Sales, Leads, Customers, Customer Service, and Products. As a result, you will always have the most updated analyses, which allow you to act promptly and make intelligent decisions.

Standard and/or customized reports can be generated in minutes utilizing Servora Reporting. In mere moments, Standard Reports can be produced to display basic information while Customized Reports can also easily be developed quickly to display precise information. All reports are compiled using your company's most recent data and information; therefore you will always have the most updated reports at all times.

Real-time Dashboards
Monitor your organization at any moment using Servora Real-time Dashboards.

Real-time Reporting
Generate standard and customized reports within minutes using Servora Reporting.