Real-time Dashboards
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A more efficient way to run your business

A Real-time Snapshot of Your Company's Health

Servora Real-time Dashboards provide real-time data in snapshots and graphs about your company so that performance analyses can be viewed instantly. In particular, Servora Real-time Dashboard uses the data to compile performance analysis in areas of your choosing such as sales, customers, customer service, leads, and products. You will always have the most recent analyses so you can make prompt and smart decisions.

Role-Based Dashboards
Information displayed on the dashboards of each user account can be customized according to an individual user's role. Managers can be restricted to only view information pertaining to their department in their dashboards. However, an executive can view all departments' information via his or her dashboards.

Dashboard Filters
Dashboards can be filtered to use data from certain time periods. In addition, each individual user can select the type of dashboard to be displayed.

Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators compares current company data with historical data. This allows you to understand the current health and trends of your organization so you can make faster and smarter decisions.

Report Snapshots & Graphs
Report Snapshots & Graphs gives you up-to-date illustrations and analyses on specific areas or criteria such as key customers, most popular products, top sales representatives, etc. You will have full visibility into your organization at all times.

RSS Content Feeds
RSS Content Feeds allows you to display the most recent news articles from your favorite news source.