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Automate Your Entire Sales Workflow

Servora CRM provides a complete set of tools to automate your entire Sales Workflow starting from lead capture and ending with the closure of a sale. Your sales representative will begin by gathering information about a potential Prospect. This information can be viewed and shared through Servora Enterprise Solutions promoting collaboration across your Sales Department. When a Sales Order is created for a customer, the sales order will automatically be routed to the Order-Processing department. This automation eliminates multiple points of data entry, reducing the amount of time required to process the order while increasing overall operational efficiency. In addition, Servora Enterprise Solutions creates and stores a log of all sales interactions, orders, and support history. As a result, your sales team will have better understanding of your customers allowing for better consideration of their needs and the ability to increase your company's revenue.

Leads Management >>
Capture more leads and, in return, generate more sales.

Opportunities Management >>
Allow collaboration with your sales team to be more efficient in closing deals.

Customers & Contacts Management >>
Gain a 360° view of your customers to boost sales and develop customer loyalty.

Activities Management >>
Organize tasks and events to increase sales productivity.

Customer Center >>
Deliver 24/7 online services to your customers.