Sales Order Management
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Automate Your Entire Order Fulfillment Process

Sales Order Management automates the entire order fulfillment process from start to finish. During this fulfillment process, Inventory and Customer records will automatically be updated. Once a sales order is created, the order will route to the appropriate person and the system will notify that person of the required fulfillment task. As each person completes their fulfillment task, the status of the sales order will be updated and routed to the next person in the sequence. All of these fulfillment tasks are done within Sales Order Management so that you can eliminate multiple points of data entry and the need of paper forms, which allows for greater operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Customer Order History
Customer Order History gives you a complete list of all sales orders that a customer has placed. This order history provides information regarding a customer's purchasing habits and gives you a better understanding of your customers.

Order Support History
Order Support History gives you a complete list of all customer inquiries or issues regarding a sales order. The support history gives you vital information on how to better service your customers.

Inventory Commitment
When a sales order is placed, your inventory will show the quantity of items that are committed to this sales order. This helps prevent you from selling in excess of your inventory stock level.

Customer Center Integration
Your customers can directly interact with your organization simply by logging into their account in your Customer Center. When logged in, they can view their order status, order details, and their order history. They can also send messages to your Customer Support regarding their sales order.

Multiple Pricing & Discounts
The pricing and discounts, as set forth under Products and Customers, will automatically be applied on all sales orders. This makes for efficiency in order placement and accuracy in pricing.

Order Processing Trail
Order Processing Trail logs the date, time, and the employee who processed the sales order. This processing trail will be helpful when certain problems regarding past sales orders arise.

Automatic Order Assignment
When your customer places an order on your Website, that sales order will be routed into your Servora system instantly. These website generated orders can be automatically and evenly assigned to your employees for further processing, promoting productivity and efficiency.

Order Activities Management
Order Activities Management allows you to set tasks and events related to each individual sales order. As you view the details of a specific order, the related tasks and events will be displayed so you can view past interactions and future activities related to that specific sales order.

Employee Processing Trails
Any manual changes to your sales order will automatically be logged in Servora Enterprise Solutions. This log includes a timestamp and a record of the user who made the modifications. This information will help assist you when any problems arise regarding the sales order.

Security Controls
Security Controls ensures you that not all users have the ability to view and/or modify sales orders. Even if a user is allowed to view a sales order, the option to modify a sales order can be based on their clearance level.