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Print Packing Slips & Shipping Labels

Shipping Management provides you with the tools to print packing slips and shipping labels to complete your sales order. While completing your sales order, you can input your shipment's tracking number so you and your customers can track the status of the shipment. You can also manually input shipping costs for better management on shipping costs.

Shipping Authorization
Shipping Authorization ensures that your sales orders have complied with your company regulations before it is shipped. These regulations could be customer payment, quality assurance, assembly completion, and so on. This authorization protects your business from costly errors.

Packing Slip
Packing Slip displays a list of items that need to be shipped for order fulfillment. Since packing slips have references to the sales order, the packaged items can be shipped immediately.

Sales Order Completion
Once payment is received, sales orders can be shipped immediately. Shipment of the sales order fulfills the sales order, and the shipping status will instantly reflect on the Customer Center, your Website, and your Servora system.

Tracking Number
Tracking number can be entered into the shipping information for tracking shipments. This information will also be available to your customers via Customer Center and your Website.

Auto Email Notifications
Once you ship an order, you can instantly notify your customer regarding the shipment via email. These constant status updates to your customers will avoid customer uncertainty regarding their order and boost your customer's experience in doing business with you.

Employee Shipment Trail
Employee Shipment Trail logs the time, date, and the employee who shipped the sales order. This information will help when problems arise from a shipped order.