Inventory Management
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Gain Full Control and Deeper Visibility into Your Inventory

Servora Inventory Management gives you tighter inventory control by keeping an accurate count of your Inventory Stock and provides real-time visibility into your warehouse(s) at all times. Inventory Management delivers accurate inventory stock numbers by instantly updating your product quantities with each Sales Order and Purchase Order. With instant updates, you can forgo manually updating your inventory therefore avoiding errors commonly associated with manual input. In addition, an alert will automatically be sent when your inventory stock level runs too low. This level can be pre-set and ensure that you will never run out of stock again.

Inventory Management gives you tighter control over your inventory by allowing you to serialize select or all inventory items and allocating them to inventory bins for tracking purposes. Finally, Inventory Management provides real-time visibility into your warehouse(s) by giving you the most up-to-date inventory numbers. By centrally synchronizing all data in real-time via Servora Enterprise Solutions, you will always have accurate up-to-date inventory numbers even if there are multiple warehouses. With Inventory Management, you can easily control your inventory stock levels and reduce
extraneous inventory costs.

 Inventory Adjustments >>
Automatic updates made to your inventory in real-time with all adjustments recorded.

Physical Inventory Management >>
Provide real-time visibility into your inventory and in multiple warehouses.

Inventory Replenishment Warnings >>
Help keeps inventory at your desired stock level and avoid a deficit in inventory.

Serialized Inventory >>
Allow complete tracking of individual inventory items.