Serialized Inventory
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Track Your Inventory from Purchasing to RMA

Serialized Inventory allows you to manage the complete history of your inventory items. From item purchase to item sale, as well as every step in-between, Serialized Inventory allows you to easily track individual inventory items with a complete detailed history. Serialized Inventory also accounts for items are returned as an RMA. Serializing your inventory allows you to differentiate product quality of an inventory item from different vendors. For RMAs, Servora Enterprise Solutions allows you to retrieve the purchase order, RMA request, and track whether the customer has returned the product to you. Serialized Inventory is a complete package in helping you elevate and maintain your product quality while keeping everything organized.

Auto-Generate Serial Numbers
Serial numbers can be auto-generated so you do not have to input any serial numbers when receiving or manufacturing your products. This decreases your inventory stocking time and promotes faster operations.

Barcode Printing
For each serial number, a barcode can be generated that identifies the serial number. Instead of inputting serial numbers into the system, a simple barcode scanning will automatically identify the serial number and input that number into the system.

Vendor Serial Number Tracking
For each product, you can input the serial number used by the vendor and track the same item using that number. The use of vendor's serial number allows you to better communicate with your vendors in case of return products or product defects.