Inventory Replenishment Warnings
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Retaining Your Inventory Stock Level

Whenever an inventory item runs low, Replenishment Warnings will remind you to create purchase orders so that you will always have a pre-specified quantity of inventory item in stock. Purchase Orders can automatically be created so a notification to your vendors will be sent promptly to allow them enough time to fill the order. With Replenishment Warnings, you can keep your inventory at your desired stock level, avoid back orders, and fulfill more sales orders.

Reorder Points
A reorder point can be set for each inventory item. When an inventory item reaches the reorder point, Servora Enterprise Solutions will send a notification to purchase and restock promptly.

Auto Email Notifications
An email will automatically be generated when an inventory item reaches its reorder point. The email will contain details of the inventory item that requires additional purchasing.

Auto Purchase Order Creation
Within Servora Enterprise Solutions, a Purchase Order can automatically be created whenever an inventory item reaches its reorder point. Auto Purchase Order Creation removes the step of manually creating a Purchase Order when an inventory item is in low quantity.