Sales Order Fulfillment
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Streamline Your Entire Order Fulfillment Process

Servora Order Fulfillment streamlines the entire order fulfillment process from Order Placement to Order Shipment. Not only can you eliminate paper trails as well as the need for multiple data re-entries, communication between departments becomes simpler and more accurate. As the order travels through the fulfillment process, your Inventory, Customer Records, Order-Fulfillment log, and other records with related information will be updated in real-time. This continuous flow and update of information reduce order-fulfillment cycle and promotes collaboration across departments, making your business more efficient as a whole.

Order Placement >>
Create invoices and sales orders with less work.

Sales Order Management >>
Streamline your order fulfillment process and organizes your sales orders data.

Order Tracking >>
Track the status of your sales orders in real-time.

Payment Authorization / Capture>>
Verify and collect credit card payment with merchant account, paypal or google checkout.

Shipping >>
Print packing slips and track completed sales orders.