Customers & Contacts Management
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A 360° View of Your Customers

Customers & Contacts Management provides a complete and detailed log of all your customers. In addition to providing general information such as the customers' addresses and phone numbers, Customers & Contacts Management provides your customers with online access to customer support and can display their prior sales order histories. When you view your customer information using Servora Enterprise Solutions, you will be able to view customers' past and present Sales Orders and cases. This helps you to understand your customers on a more intimate level, in return providing better service to them and the ability to Cross-Sell and/or Up-Sell.

Customer Order History
You can view past, current, and future sales orders of each individual customer. Viewing their order history helps you to understand the shopping behavior of your customers so you can better cross-sell or up-sell to generate additional sales.

Customer Support History
You can view past and current customer support cases of each individual customer. This allows you to understand your customers' concerns so that your employees can properly attend to their needs.

Multiple Billing Addresses
Multiple Billing Addresses can be stored within each of your customer accounts. This gives your customers flexibility in payment and increases their overall customer satisfaction.

Multiple Shipping Addresses
Multiple Shipping Addresses can be stored within each of your customer accounts. This gives your customers flexibility to choose where to ship their orders while also eliminating the need for data re-entry. Removing the need for data re-entry ensures data accuracy so no shipment will be lost.

Customer Contacts Management
Each customer account can store information for multiple contacts. This is especially helpful if there are multiple individuals that you deal with for each business.

Customer Opportunities Management*
You can track current and past opportunities of each of your individual customers. This helps your sales representative determine the best way to approach your customers.

Customer Activities Management
Customer Activities Management is a tool that allows your employees to share information about your customers across the work place. This allows them to coordinate with one another so the proper attention can be paid to your customers. Using the Activities Management, employees can also plan and prioritize their own tasks and events.

Customer Account Type
Customer Account Type enables you to define the different tiers of customer accounts for discount purposes. Different discounts can be given to web customers, corporate customers, and other customer types which give you pricing flexibility.

Customer Self-Register
Your website visitors can quickly register for an account to place orders with you. Their registry information will be captured and automatically routed to Servora Enterprise Solutions. As a result, you can eliminate another data re-entry point and reduce errors made in the process.

Security Controls
Your customers' information is often sensitive and you may wish for that information to remain shared with only a few individuals. Security Controls help manage your employees and prevent misuse of company's data and resources. This protects your customers' data from internal misuse and prevents your competitors from attaining this information.