Purchasing Fulfillment
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Increase Vendor Collaboration & Streamline Your Entire Requisition Process

Servora's Purchasing Management streamlines your entire purchasing requisition process and allows close collaboration with your vendors. By enabling your vendors to access your vendor self-service center, they can view your Purchase Order History and allow them to better serve you. If your Inventory Level ever runs low, Servora Enterprise Solutions can automatically notify you to replenish your inventory. Also, with the help of Serialized Inventory, you can maintain quality assurance by tracking each of your RMA orders back to the vendor that you purchased from. Overall, Purchasing Management ensures that you maintain product quality, increase operation efficiency, and strengthen vendor relationships to increase your bottom line.

Purchasing Fulfillment >>
Streamline your entire requisition process.

Purchase Order Tracking >>
Track and view the status and history of all past, current, and future purchase orders.

Vendor Management >>
Manage and assess your vendors based on delivered quality of products.

Vendor Center >>
Provide 24/7 services to your vendors via an online gateway.