Purchase Order Tracking
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Track Your Purchase Orders in Real-time

Purchase Order Tracking gives you the ability to track the status of all your Purchase Orders (PO) in real-time. Within any given moment, all Purchase Orders can be displayed according to status: approval required, received in full, or partially received. This allows you to focus on the Purchase Orders that requires immediate attention. A time stamp will also be recorded as the purchase order moves through its fulfillment stages, allowing you to track your current and past purchase orders at any time.

Real-Time PO Status
The Purchase Order status is always updated in real-time so that you will always be viewing the most updated Purchase Order status. This gives you complete visibility into your purchasing department at any given moment.

Multiple PO Stages
Multiple PO Stages are detailed descriptions regarding the status of your Purchase Orders. This provides you with information regarding each PO stage and allows you to better understand what needs to be done and whether attention is needed.

PO Status History
Whenever the status of a Purchase Order is updated, the system automatically creates a log to record all updates. You can find out the date and time of when the Purchase Order was updated, along with the user that updated the Purchase Order.

Partial Receipt Tracking
Partial Receipt Tracking allows you to track Purchase Orders that have only been partially received. This helps you to easily identify the Purchase Orders that require additional attention.

Vendor Center Integration
A Purchase Order's history and current purchase order's status will be displayed onto the Vendor Center. As a result, your vendors can easily track whether you received their shipment and allow them to manage their relations with you.