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Industry Specific Solutions to meet Your Business Needs

Servora understands that each type of businesses have their own unique business needs. That is why Servora developed multiple industry solutions to meet those specific business needs. By selecting the industry solutions that fits your business, you can minimize software customization and reduce implementation time, both of which save you time and money.

Wholesale >>
Designed for wholesalers to manage their entire business operation in one system, Servora's Wholesale Edition helps you manage inventory costs, track customer orders, set multiple pricing, and reduce your overhead costs.

Assembly >>
With assembly and business process integrated, Servora's Assembly Edition streamlines your entire business process from beginning to end and manages your work orders, bill of materials, and assembly process.

Ecommerce >>
Servora's Ecommerce Edition integrates your back office processes with your website and centralizes your ecommerce business in one system, which increases your efficiency in updating your website and eliminates any data inconsistencies between them.