Servora Ecommerce Edition
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The Cloud-based Solution for Ecommerce Businesses

Servora Ecommerce Edition includes features specifically tailored to ecommerce businesses. These features will help ecommerce businesses to:

  • Streamline the entire ecommerce process from purchasing to shipping
  • Automate your online customer support process
  • Control your inventory levels in real-time
  • Increase efficiency with built-in integration between your website and your ERP system

Site Building Tools
Site Building Tools allow you to build, edit, and customize your website the way you want it and at any time you want with no technical knowledge required. You no longer need to request your web developer to update your website, nor do you have to wait weeks for your web developer to finish working on those updates. Not only does Site Building Tools enable you to update your website quicker, you will also have complete control over your website.

Accounting and Automated Bookkeeping
Servora's Accounting Solution includes comprehensive accounting capabilities that fully integrate with your back-office processes such as Purchasing, Sales Orders, Inventory, and much more. With this integration, you can enjoy automated bookkeeping by eliminating manual journal entries while keeping your books updated in real-time.

Order Fulfillment
Servora Order Fulfillment Solution streamlines your entire order fulfillment process from online Order Placement to Order Shipment and automatically updates your records in Inventory, Customer, and Sales Order. This streamlined process reduces the time needed for processing orders and promotes collaboration across departments, making your business more efficient as a whole.

Purchasing and Procurement
Servora's Purchasing Management streamlines your entire requisition process from purchasing to receiving and increases collaboration with your vendors. This streamlined process boosts your operational efficiency, strengthens your vendor relationships, and maintains your product quality, all of which increase your bottom line.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management gives you the capabilities to manage your inventory stock levels in real-time and in multiple warehouses. Also, you can gain tighter inventory control with inventory bin numbers and serialized inventory. With Inventory Management, you can easily achieve greater efficiencies and reduce extraneous inventory costs.

Products and Pricing Management
Servora Product & Pricing Solution is tightly integrated with your website to centralize management and to ensure data accuracy to boost website management efficiency. It also helps organize the display of your products, which allows your employees to easily Search/Track a product and provides smoother navigation on your website. Further, you can attach documents and manage Customer Reviews, all of which deliver better management of your products.

Customer Support Management
Servora Customer Support Management provides you with a complete set of tools to automate your customer support workflow starting from case creation and ending with the closure of a case. These cases, along with the customer's past orders, will then be stored into Servora CRM to give you a 360° view of your customers. As a result, your customer support team will have better understanding of your customers and can better service your customers.