Order Tracking
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Track Order Status in Real-time

Order Tracking allows users to easily track the real-time status of an order at any point in time. A customer call inquiring about his or her order status can be addressed in seconds because you can track an order using customer information, order ID, or many other varieties of customer data. At the same time, your customers can also visit your Website or Customer Center to track their order status. This gives your customers more methods to track their order which ultimately increases customer satisfaction and improves their impression on your business.

Multiple Order Stages
Businesses have different methods of fulfilling a sales order. Multiple Order Stages allow you to define the stages of order fulfillment unique to your organization, promoting flexibility and efficiency in your order fulfillment process.

Real-Time Order Status
Whenever you track the status of an order, you will always be looking at the most updated status of the order. This information helps you to immediately act upon any order that requires attention.

Order Processing Trail
The details of each sales order will reveal the time, date, and the employee who created, processed, and shipped the sales order. This methodical tracking of order details helps to avoid any disputes with your customers.

Customer Center Integration
Your customers can directly interact with your organization simply by logging into their account in your Customer Center. When logged in, they can track their orders by viewing their order status, order details, and their order history. They can also send messages to your Customer Support regarding the sales order.

Quick Search
All of your past and existing orders can be located by Quick Search. Whether you wish to search by Order ID, customer account, or others, Quick Search allows you to quickly locate the sales order so as to service your customers efficiently.