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In-depth Company Reports in Real-time

Servora Reporting allows you to generate standard and/or customized in-depth reports about your company within minutes. Standard reports can be generated with merely a few clicks of the mouse while customized reports can be generated in as little as five steps. Servora Reporting compiles these reports using your company's most recent data and information stored in Servora Enterprise Solutions. As a result, you will always have the most updated reports at all times.

Standard Reports
Standard Reports include the most commonly generated reports. Generating these reports simply takes a few clicks because you are only required to define a certain time frame for the report.

Customized Reports
Customized Reports allows you to generate a report that contains specific information. You will have up to hundreds of variables to choose from and the ability to compare these variables anyway you want. Generating these reports can take as little as five steps using Servora Report Wizard.

Security Controls
Security Controls ensures you that not all users have the ability to generate reports. Even if a user is allowed to generate customized reports, a user can be limited in the number of reports and information access based on their clearance level.

Custom Report Formulas
Custom Report Formulas allow you to define the rules and relationship of how you want to compare your company data.

Exporting Reports
All standard and customized reports can be exported into three different formats: Adobe PDF, MS Excel, and HTML version.

Graphical Analytics
In addition to the report summary, reports can be generated in a variety of visual forms such as bar graphs and pie graphs to assist you in your analysis.