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Servora Announces Plan to Integrate CRM, ERP, and E-commerce Into One  
September 27, 2005 06:32 PM

Walnut, CA – September 27, 2005 – Servora Inc., a leading provider of on-demand business solutions, today announced its plan to integrate CRM, ERP, and E-commerce into one application. This application serves to run the core of the business with great efficiency, where the front office will be managed by CRM features, the back office with ERP features, and provide an additional sales channel through E-commerce.

This application has not yet been named, but it will be targeted primarily at small to medium sized business. Servora believes that this application will bring efficiency through automation, convenience through a web browser, and workplace synergy through a unified data, thus helping its users gain an advantage over its competitors.

Though the values that this application will bring are unlimited, Servora does not plan to not charge a premium for this business solution service.

As the Sales Manager of Servora puts it, “This plan is in response to Servora’s customer base, where their satisfaction in our on-demand business solutions prompted the demand for more extensive services.”

Note: Servora and the Servora logo are service-marks of Servora Inc.