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"Servora has significantly helped us to jumpstart our business in USA. We are looking to implement Servora in our Tokyo headquarters in the near future."

-Toshio Sato, President

Sato Parts  [ Electronic Commerce / Internet Industry ]
Location: Chino Hills, CA
Software that wouldn't work: In-house IT Software
Situation: Sato Parts needed to implement a complete set of solutions to expand into the American market.
Results: The implementation of Servora's solutions helped them to swiftly expand into the American market within weeks.
The Challenge
  • Sato Parts had no operational structure in place but wanted to expand its operations into America.
  • Sato Parts wanted an Ecommerce website that was robust, flexible, and easy to modify. 
  • As part of the new market initiative, Sato Parts needed extensive reporting features to gather information about the American market.
The Solution
  • Sato Parts adopted Servora’s operational methodologies by implementing Servora Enterprise solutions.
  • Servora’s Ecommerce solution gave them the ability to launch and maintain a robust ecommerce website at minimal costs.
  • The reporting features of Servora Enterprise Solutions provided insight as to how they could satisfy the demand of the American market.
The Results
  • After implementing Servora Enterprise Solutions, Sato Parts successfully implemented a structured management methodology which jump-started its business within weeks.
  • The main revenue stream of Sato Parts now comes from its Ecommerce website.
  • The reporting feature was able to help Sato Parts replenish its inventory from Japan in advance, preventing back-orders and reducing the order-fulfillment cycle.