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Servora Releases Accounting Solutions with Automated Bookkeeping  
October 8, 2009 12:00 AM

Oct. 8, 2009

Walnut, CA – Servora Inc., a leading provider of web-based ERP and Ecommerce solutions, has expanded its ERP solutions to include a web-based Accounting Module. The Accounting Module will be available starting Oct. 20, 2009, which will include the features of a premium accounting software and will help businesses to automate most of their bookkeeping process.


General Accounting Features

The general features of Servora’s accounting module include the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and financial reporting. With the general ledger displayed in a user friendly interface, users can easily manage and drill down into the details of each general ledger account with ease and efficiency.


Other general features include check printing, bank reconciliation, billing management, and credit memo for Servora’s RMA module. Each of these features are also displayed in an user friendly interface, which increases the efficiency and productivity to complete each job function.


In addition to the general accounting feature, businesses using Servora’s accounting module can also enjoy automated bookkeeping to streamline their entire business operation.


Automated Bookkeeping

One of the key benefits of using Servora’s accounting module is bookkeeping automation. With Servora’s automated bookkeeping, a business can enjoy an increased operational efficiency and increased data accuracy because manual bookkeeping and data entry can be eliminated. For instance, whenever a sales is made, your accounts receivable will automatically be updated with no data entry required. Similarly, when you make a purchase, your general ledger will reflect on that purchase in real-time with no human effort required.


“Not only will bookkeeping automation save time, you can also reduce the human errors associated with data entry,” said Andy Yu, President and CEO of Servora Inc. “Businesses can also forgo hiring additional staff for bookkeeping purposes and save huge human capital costs.”  


This book-keeping automation is made possible because Servora’s accounting module fully integrates with the existing ERP solutions offered by Servora. With the release of the Accounting Module, Servora seeks to further streamline the business process and to eliminate manual labor by bringing the benefits of modern technology to businesses.



About Servora

Servora is a leading provider of web-based accounting, ERP, and ecommerce solutions that automates core business processes so businesses can enjoy increased operational efficiency with reduced IT costs. For a list of solutions that Servora offers, visit